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   Need a website? You are in the right place.

Which sites do we build?

Any. From visit card sites to complex projects and webstores.

How long does it take?

From a week to a month, depending on complexity of the site and additional features.

How much?

From 300 to several thousand Euro, depending on amount of work. Let us understand what you need and we will tell you how much it costs. Contact us and we will respond immediately.

What does it mean in practice?

Here are common steps describing what's involved:

Business name of your site.
Placing your site in the Internet.
The concept of the website.
Content and functional features.
Website design.
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Business name of your site
You need a domain name for your site. We will offer you several alternative names to choose from and will assist in registering it.
Placing your site in the Internet
Another necessary thing for the website is hosting. We will pick for you the most suitable and cost-effective hosting according to the needs of your site.
The concept of the website
Developing website concept is a necessary preparation stage. That is where your actual website starts. The process of creating the concept includes:
- Research and analysis of the Web demand for your products or
- Research and analysis of your Web competition;
- Describing target audience;
- Developing navigation system of your future website;
- Determining the functional features of your website;
- Developing the informational structure of your website.
Content and functional features
At this stage we will fill the site structure that we have worked out in the previous paragraph with content. This phase includes:
- Analyzing and selecting materials to fill your website with;
- Composing, editing and correcting texts;
- Photo shooting and picture enhancing;
- Adding extra functions at your website - news, feedback forms,
flash animation, export/import of data, etc.
Website design
We will make your site look attractive, modern, classic... you name it. The process includes developing concept of the design and its realization in site pages.
We will offer several different designs for your future site. We can also develop your personal nameable logotype.
Website update and support
We can keep your site up-to-date and consult you anytime.
Website promotion
Just having the website is not anough. New customers come to your site mainly from search engines. The process of website promotion includes:
- Developing target keywords;
- Getting your website "search engine - friendly" to let the search
engines index your site without problems;
- Registration of your sites in search engines and catalogues to
attract a stream of new customers;
- Advertising campaign of your website.